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InMind Connections

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

~ Victor Frankl ~

Welcome! I hope this site provides you with some insight to help you decide on moving forward in scheduling time for yourself. If this is a new experience you might be feeling a tad outside your comfort zone. I offer a free 10 minute consultation if you find yourself wanting to know more. 



Individual Counseling (ages 16+)

$140/50 minutes


Relationship Counseling 

$165/50 minutes

$200/75 minutes


*It is my suggestion that relationship sessions (2 or more clients present) schedule a minimum session length of 75 minutes as listed above. This is not a requirement. Individual sessions can also be scheduled for 75 minutes.

*I do offer a reduced rate based on a honor system. Touch base with me if you find that you are needing a reduced rate. Please note, this may be contingent on a reduced rate time slot being available. 

I am an in-network provider for BCBSTX PPO.

I am considered “out of network” for all other insurance policies. If you’d like, I can provide you with a “superbill” that you can submit to your insurance. Depending on your benefits, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement. Insurance does not cover charges incurred for late or missed appointments. Clients are responsible for payment for any late cancelled or no-show appointments. 


My educational training is in clinical social work. To become a clinical social worker one must:

  1. Obtain a bachelor's degree 

  2. Obtain a Masters of Social Work degree; which requires 700 internship hours.

  3. Pass a Texas State Board exam to begin practicing under licensed individual/agency. 

  4. Complete another 3000 clock hours as a social worker under an agency.

  5.  Pass the second Texas State Board exam to practice independently.


Social workers are highly trained and are expected to continue to take advanced training courses. Please click on the links below that will help you understand the advanced training that I have taken thus far in my career.

Gottman Relationship Counseling

More About EMDR

More About NARM

My Approach

The foundation of well-being begins with awareness. To be aware we must first be objectively curious about who we are and what we do. With this awareness we begin to notice our “hidden” thoughts and emotions that can hold us back.


I work with clients to “make sense” of how their history is intersecting with current life experiences. Life can present us with great challenges. Those challenges can bring us growth or defeat. With mindful presence, I aim to “hold the space” for clients to begin the process of healing and growth.

Research has shown that the relationship between the therapist and the client is the best predictor of success in psychotherapy. I strive to create a safe environment for clients to express their deepest feelings and thoughts, by being genuine, listening attentively and intuitively. 

I am extensively trained in trauma therapy techniques. Trauma can be mild to severe. Trauma can be 'quiet' negative self-talk statements such as; "I have to please everyone or I am a disappointment." Or trauma responses can cause people to be afraid to live. I do not shy away from any feelings, thoughts, or experiences. I will explore with you whatever you need to share to start living a more free and full life. 


About Me

Informally About Me

Here is just an informal piece about me. I have worked in the public and private sectors of social work for the past 10 years. And no doubt I'll struggle remembering to update that number with each passing year. I was raised by two psychotherapists who saved me in my younger years. I have been married for more than a decade and have two lovely children. I am ever-faithful to my values of movement of body and growth of mind. Conformity is not my thing, but it's cool if it is your thing. I am a bit of an existentialist.

~so you, do you~ 

'cause authenticity is beautiful and if you aren't down with authenticity, well, that's fine by me too. I am nutty about animals and nature. Unless it means sleeping in a tent with bugs. I'd like to think I could rough it, but that's probably not my reality. I love life. It is the ultimate trip. I savor the good days and I honor the rough days because after-all the best fertilizer is fresh, manure. Here's to the journey! And I am honored to be a part of  your journey. 

P.S. That beautiful beast is Taz. He'd be a tad upset if I didn't introduce him!

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4207 Hwy 290 Ste. 103

Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Cell: 737-227-3700 (text/VM)


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